F-1001MLJ, Ice Maker, Low Side Remote, Modular, Low-Side Series

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The F-1001MLJ is capable of producing approximately 1150 lbs of flaked ice per day. Flaked ice is perfect for salad bars, seafood counters, and other food displays that require long lasting sanitary ice. This Low Side Remote, Modular, Low-Side Series ice maker features the Advanced CleanCycle12™ design plus a greaseless bearing auger construction making it simple to maintain. The F-1001MLJ requires a Single phase, 115v/60/1 electrical connection that is hard-wired at the installation site. Compatible bins & dispensers, sold separately: B-250, B-300, B-500, B-700, B-800, B-900, B-1150, B-1300. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details.