Alto Shaam 7.14ES full size electric combi oven

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We just received 25 of these ovens in. Just removed from operation and all working when removed. They are being sold as-is. They also come with a stand. They need some cleaning but are mostly ready to use.


Fully automatic smart control simplifies Combitherm operation. Intuitive touchscreen controls, programmable deluxe control, or simple S-control lets you bake, roast, broil, steam or retherm — all at the touch of a button. CombiTouch® & Expresstouch (4.10esi only) controls The Alto-Shaam CombiTouch and ExpressTouch touchscreen controls offer simple interfaces that command all Combitherm cooking functions. Graphic controls - The graphic-based control overcomes language barriers while simple, logical procedures ensure that correct steps are followed every time. An excellent memory - Store up to 250 recipes with multiple steps, identified by your uploaded pictures (CombiTouch control only). The controls come with more than 100 pre-programmed recipes. HACCP - CombiTouch includes standard downloadable HACCP functionality. HACCP optional on ExpressTouch. Six levels of Gold-n-Brown™ - Six precise browning levels are available. The Gold-n-Brown feature controls humidity for perfect cooking and browning. Maintain the ideal cooking environment for the ideal finish. Superior baking - The two-speed fan provides excellent and consistent baking results. A moisture injection feature provides perfect sheen and crust on breads and pastries. Multi-shelf timers - Track cooking time of either seven or 10 different food items in the same oven with multishelf timers. Time is tracked in minutes and seconds. On-board diagnostics - The systems include on-board diagnostic functionality with results displayed right on the touch screen. Reduced energy setting - Features an interactive control display with reduced energy setting. other control options Deluxe control option - The Deluxe Control features Rapid-Touch™ program selection and an easy-to-read instruction display programmed in multiple languages. Pre-program up to 250 multi-step cooking procedures with up to 20 individual cooking steps. Probe and smoke capabilities are optional. Standard control option - The same as the Deluxe control, without the Rapid-Touch programming capability. S-control option - Optional rotary dial controls cooking mode, temperature setting and timer. Features fan speed control, CombiClean®, cool-down mode and optional probe or smoke capabilities. Simple control option (4.10esi only) - Easy to use mode selection. Optional probe and cleaning system.