Marie Kondo and Kitchen Organization

Marie Kondo and Kitchen Organization

You probably spend more time in your kitchen every day than your house. If you are like most, you work, eat, sweat, and even bleed in your kitchen.

Frankly, you are so busy working in your kitchen that you probably stop to think about whether or not your kitchen is working for you.

So, today I want to share four simple ideas for updating the design of your kitchen so that it helps you be a little more efficient, increases productivity, and simplifies your workflow.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Full disclosure, we love this because restaurants sell it to us to resell since they don’t want the headache of trying to sell and ship it themselves. But, it is still important. There is always some new gadget to buy or some new thing to try out and if you aren't’ careful, your kitchen can become cluttered with unnecessary and rarely used stuff that just gets in your way. You don’t need to go full Marie Kondo, but a little space goes a long way.

Create stations

if prep work gets in the way of meal service you will probably have problems. Creating stations and areas dedicated to hot food, cold food, prep, baking, and washing, will keep people out of each other’s way and help everyone move faster.

Go vertical

Horizontal space is always at a premium in a kitchen, but I’ve seen more than one that struggles with how to use their vertical space. Keeping heavy and commonly used tools and ingredients close is obvious. But, going high with stackable shelving can be very helpful for tools you use infrequently or ingredients that you use sparingly.

Stop and think

It is easy to walk in, throw on the lights, and get to work. Meal service comes all too quickly after all. But, taking a minute in the morning when your mind is still fresh to look at your kitchen, envision how it is being used throughout the day, and consider how you can improve it will open up new possibilities you wouldn’t normally consider.

I hope this helps, and if you need help going vertical or getting rid of unnecessary equipment-we are always here to help.

Lauren at Restaurant Equipment Liquidation